VIRTUAL Walk Resources

Thank you, Church Partners! 

The Walk for Life is successful each year because of our local church partners and congregations that get involved! The best way to promote this year’s VIRTUAL Walk for Life is within the church and we are so thankful for your help. If you need ANYTHING please contact us: email Alyssa Dwire (Events Coordinator) at or David Galvan (Director of Church & Community Outreach) at

Below is an easy resource pack for announcing the 2020 VIRTUAL Walk for Life:

Walk for Life Promo Video – Click here to view
VIRTUAL Walk for Life announcement (1 min) – Click to view
Client Testimony Videos – Angie’s Story, Jessica + LunaJarod + Glory
Short Announcement Video – David Galvan (Church & Community Outreach)


VIRTUAL WFL Visual Announcement Image – (Click to view 2×3 image / Click to view 16×9 image)
Suggested Bulletin Announcements – Click to edit/save


VIRTUAL Walk for Life – Click here

Valuing Life in This City – Click here

I Walk for Life Because – Click here

Life Network Year Impact Stats – Click here

Client Story #1 – Empowered – Click here

Client Story #2 – Encouraged – Click here

Client Story #3 – Restored – Click here

Sample Captions for Social Media Posts- Click here
Drop-and-Go Locations Graphic – Click here


Need help creating your online fundraising page? Watch this video!

2019 Church Totals – View PDF


Click Here to create your own fundraising page.